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logo design & business identity development

a successful logo design will embody your business identity, core values and mission

logo design: deceptively simple

Logos are deceptively simple things. At first glace, logo design seems like a simple process that could be accomplished quickly, but in actuality, successful logo design is the result of an extensive development process.

As a graphic designer, I will work closely with you to develop the graphic concept and visual representation that best suits the needs of your business identity. You may already have a good idea of what you want or you might have no idea where to start. Regardless of where we begin, information is key. The more I know about your brand and your desired target market, the better the final logo design will be. My mission is to deliver not only the logo design you want, but to exceed expectations whenever I can.

Logo designs can be everything from quirky and fun to sleek and minimal, or hand-drawn and hip to stoicly serious. I tailor the design to what fits best with the needs of your business. Time invested in the logo design is not always directly graphic-related. Research of your particular industry may be necessary to ensure that your brand stands out among your competitors.

A strong logo design will enable your business to recruit better staff, attract high quality support partners, and land the clients of your dreams. It is important to establish an association to a graphic symbol inorder to convey and reinforce the strengths of your brand. A clear and consistent business identity will build and maintain the reputation of your brand in the marketplace.

logo design types:


The name of your business in a typeface that sets the tone for your brand. Minimal graphic elements can enhance the logo design giving your brand that unique touch that sets it apart from the rest.


A monogram comprised of inital characters of your business name. Useful in cases where the business name is excessively long or wordy, or when modernizing an existing brand identity.


A visual graphic signifing your brand without words. Typically used by well established businesses where name recogntion is not critical or when multiple divisions or subsidiaries need to identify with the parent corporation

icon/badge and wordmark

A combination of word and brandmarks. Very common type of logo design used. Ideal for startups and small businesses. Also lends itself to future brand expansion without requiring a redevelopment of the business identity.



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